Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Passing of Time on the BathroomFarm

Winter has come and gone and the changes in the seasons brings an awareness of the passing of the illusion of time. It was very cold and wintry when the renovations begun on the room I normally inhabit in this house. Things may seem to be moving along very slowly, but they are, in fact, moving at the perfect pace. Perhaps age has changed my perspective about time. I just see time as something that IS. I always believe that the time is exactly right and there is always plenty of it.

There are 20,000 flower bulbs planted in the .96 acre yard of the house and spring becomes an event to be savored. After an especially brutal winter, it was pure pleasure to see the crocuses leading the progression of blooming bulbs.

The natural cycles of the seasons and the changes in the plants truly fascinates me. I like to be aware that persons with outdoor gardens are starting seeds at the first signs of spring. Because my garden will be indoors, I do not feel the pressure to do anything but enjoy the season.

The main attraction of the spring flowers are the thousands of every imaginable variety of daffodil. The current property owner once owned a daffodil farm so there was an abundance of bulbs available to be planted. The flowers make me think of, exactly that, abundance. Rich and lavish abundance. There are many lessons to be learned from spring flowers. I love how they can endure the lingering winter
and rebound unscathed by the meteorological adversity.

And, rebound, they do! There were even some early bird tulips blooming a few days later. It's inspiring to see how easy nature forgives. It's inspiring how nature can transcend time and move forward in its own time. I feel no need to judge or be judged and simply relax and know that all things are well.

Everything we believe about time we have created ourselves. For more than 35 years, the owner of this house believed
that it was built in 1893. I recently found a recorded Test family member recollection that the house
was built in1892.
It was still very long ago and there have
been many chang
es to the real estate from the way it was originally envisioned by Charles E. Test.

I wonder what he'd think about
his manicured lawns reclaimed from wilderness being returned to a naturalized state with an amazing display of haphazardly planned flowers welcoming spring to Historic Woodruff Place.


  1. Wow! Love the thought of all the flowers coming to bloom. Beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Ruth! It is amazingly beautiful! I look forward to it every year. I feel especially blessed to have a digital camera and places to publish the images because I hope others feel as uplifted by this scene as I do!